Special Features of Kisan Engineering Ceiling Fan Winding Machine, KIJ-117

1.   Pure Steel 304 grade- Whole body of the machine is made up of pure steel 304 grade. Mirror like finishing and non corrosive steel used for the body enhances the life span of the machine.

2.   Warranty- Machine is covered under warranty of 5 years against any manufacturing defect.

3.   Computer Meter- Automatic base digital system computer meter is attached to view and adjust machine details.

4.   Master Die- Machine comes with pure steel 304 Grade master die in lieu of multidie which suitable for any kind of fans and it is superior to multidie.

5.   Winding Wire- The basic advantage of this machine is that it supports both Copper and Aluminium wire for winding.

6.   Wire- 28 Guage to 38 Guage wire is best suitable for this machine.

7.   Motor- Motor is pure copper winded, big exhaust motor with power of ¼ (0.25 HP ) and 1440 RPM.

8.   Sizes- Dimension of the machine is 186.9 CM  x 84.3 CM (Height x Width) 4 legs of 311 is provided to be fitted at the bottom of the machine which is helpful for movability of the machine.

9.   Weight – Weight of the machine is 50 KG.

10.  Sensor -  Supply along with sensor kit with spare IC and Sensors in case of damage .

11.  Voltage – 220V AC supply supplied with digital voltage meter can be easily operated on inverter during electricity break.